Chachi Carvalho

Founder & Artistic Director

Our community is not immune to the challenges that our country has faced as we adapt to a global health crisis, civil unrest, a shift in societal norms, and an overwhelming sense of loneliness and uncertainty. We believe that now, more than ever, we must all work together to grow through the ever changing climate we are navigating. As the country and the world continue to redefine what “normal” means, we are still held accountable to the responsibility of preparing ourselves and our youth for that future, whatever it may be.


So grateful to have had this experience. It’s amazing to see the creative community in Prov. come out and support each other in such dope ways.


Culture Shock is a unique experience that brings musicians from all over the world to one stage.


Culture shock is peace, love, and art. All I’ve ever felt in my experiences.


I had such a great time! I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to share my talent and the team made it clear that they were there to support me 100%. It was full of great energy I wanted to stay for the whole show! Lol! Thank you so much again!!


I had a blast playing for culture shock 2020. thank you to chachi for being so thoughtful and creative in this difficult time by organizing an online fest that is filled with community and warmth. big shout of to haus pvd and railroad park studios for the kindness and professionalism.


Culture Shock is a true testament of the endurance and perseverance of artists in one of the most perilous time in our history. The ability to adapt and conquer our worst fears whilst inspiring others through music is the greatest platform achieved by Culture Shock. We share different stories, languages and customs and together we share one stage. We are Culture Shock!


As an artist, you love to see others like you continue to strive for their dream. During a pandemic, Culture Shock gave me and others the opportunity to shine even through dark times. It was an honor to work with them, and once everything is normal I hope to collaborate with them again 🙌🏽. Shout out to Chachi for putting this together and shout out to Brooxana for inviting me ❤


With 2020 being a year of chaos, tragedy and Division. The Culture Shock experience was a breath of fresh air. I felt like I got to express everything I was holding inside and the the work of excellence I saw by the people who put this event together gave me the confidence I needed to not give up and keep going.


Working with Chachi, HAUS and Railroad Recording for Culture Shock 2020 was a rich and fulfilling experience as an artist and creator. The meaning behind the project––creating a diverse and inclusive celebration of culture, music, and identity––left me with the enlightening reminder that art is about so much more than the individual creator; it’s about the listeners and community that you are reaching.